Gastro Intestinal (GI)

Relief of the GI comes when all of the possible causes are identified and addressed. Many people may have the same symptoms, but for different reasons. This is why conventional medicine is perplexed.

The success of the treatment program is because of how comprehensive it is compared to anything else you may have tried. Everyone is different, so you may have five or six of the nine variables that directly contribute to your symptoms and another person may only have two or three of the following variables.

The Nine Variables

1. Altered levels of beneficial bacteria (probiotics)
2. Possible presence of bad bacteria, yeast or parasites
3. Lack of digestive enzymes (especially if you have lost your gall bladder)
4. Imbalanced bowel chemistry
5. Intolerances to dairy products
6. Intolerances to fructose containing foods
7. Intolerances to gluten containing foods
8. Celiac Disease (a gluten problem, but different than a gluten intolerance)
9. Possible food allergies (different than intolerances, it's an immune response)

Please make an appointment with the Prater Wellness Center on how you can conquer IBS with his all natural treatment utilizing a step-by-step process, temporary dietary eliminations and an all natural supplement program.


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