Do you want to prevent cycling related injuries?

Pedaling a bicycle is a very repetitive motion. It is not uncommon for cyclists to accumulate over 5000 revolutions in 1 hour of riding. During your bike fit the clinician will review your medical history, and take into account your cycling goals and any potential physical problems while adjusting your bike. Your seat height, fore-aft position, cleats and wedge placement (if needed) will be adjusted to help reduce injury potential and improve your position on the bike. Adjustments to your stem and handlebars may also be made. Recommendations for other changes (bars, stems, etc.) may also be discussed.

Do you have a cycling related injury?

Correct body posture on the bike can prevent injury, eliminate pain, make cycling more enjoyable and even improve performance. Clients first undergo a medical evaluation to pinpoint any potential problems, such as previous injuries, current pain and strength and flexibility inequalities. Afterwards, our specially trained staff members evaluate the client on their own bike. Measurements are taken and adjustments are made to the bike. Recommendation for other changes may also be discussed, as well as potential medical follow-up including specific stretches and/or exercises to help reduce pain while cycling.

Your Bike Fit Options:

Basic Bike Fit:

The basic bike fit is a static bike fit with one of our fit specialist on our clinical bike fit staff. There is a 2-hour appointment during which your current position is evaluated and adjusted according to your current medical complaints/concerns.

Size Cycle Bike Fit:

The Size Cycle bike fit is a two-step process during which we can help you find the right frame for you. The first appointment includes 2 hours with our fit specialist on our Serotta Size Cycle finding the ideal road, mountain, or time trial position and the frame that can put you there. The second appointment includes another 90 minutes with our fit specialist on the newly purchased bike during which we finely tune your position on your new bike.

FAQ's - Bike Fits

Who can benefit from a bike fit?

Cyclists of all abilities can benefit from a bike fit. Recreational through elite cyclists can enjoy a more efficient and less injury-prone position. Bike fits can not only improve your performance on the bike, but may reduce injuries such as knee or back pain. Cycling should be a pain-free sport and your position on the bike is an important factor. We like to make the bike look like you, not make you look like the bike. That is, your body is unique and may or may not be symmetrical. The bike should make up for your uniqueness or asymmetry. The correct position for your friend probably isn't the best position for you.

Are Prater Chiropractic bike fits different from bike shop bike fits?

Many reputable bike shops can give excellent bike fits and we have developed a balanced relationship with select shops. The primary differences are the medical knowledge and years of training of the staff at Prater Chiropractic. Although good bike shops can fit healthy individuals, they don't have the medical knowledge that our staff has, which aids them in diagnosing and treating leg length discrepancies, patellar-femoral disease, forefoot varus, neck/back pain, and other medical conditions that can effect your comfort and performance.

Do I need a bike to get fit?

Not necessarily. We have recently added a new service that allows us to find the ideal road, mountain, or TT position for you, without the contraints of your current bike frame. This fit is our Size Cycle fit, and is geared towards the customer that would like to purchase a new bike, but doesn't know where to start. However, if you have a current bike, and you are not planning on getting a new one, we want to see you on it!

It doesn't hurt when I ride, is there any reason to still get a bike fit?

The old saying, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it', doesn't hold much truth when it comes to your position on the bike. We see many cases were people ride in a wrong position for years without pain, but suddenly have knee pain. Although we can help them, we can't help but say, "If only we could have corrected their position five years ago…". Getting fit to your bike may prevent future injuries from occurring. Additionally, a properly fit bike may enable you to perform at your best.

How do I prepare for a bike fit?

Make sure your bike is clean and in good working condition. We will bring it indoors and set it up on carpet, so please bring in a clean, well maintained bike. If your bike is not functioning properly, it can be difficult to do a good bike fit. Bring or wear your cycling clothing, because we like to fit you while you are dressed as if you are going out for a ride. Checking anatomical angles and looking at knee alignment are harder when you are wearing baggy clothing. Check your cleat screws! Before you come, make sure you can remove your cleats from your shoes. If your cleat screws are stripped, we can't adjust your cleat position, which will probably be a significant part of your fit.

If you are scheduled for a Size Cycle fitting you also need to bring your shoes, pedals, and a saddle for your appointment.

The bike fit is not a fitness test, so you don't need to alter your training or nutrition prior to your appointment. However, we will make you work a little. Sometimes greater workloads can bring out certain abnormalities in your cycling gait.

I have two bikes, can I get fit on both?

If you have more than one bike, there are two options. From your bike fit visit, you will get a sheet that has all your bike measurements on it. From the information on this sheet, you should be able to duplicate the new position on your other bike(s). If your other bikes are different (mountain, time trial, road), the position may be slightly different, but we still can show you how to set your other bike(s) up using the measurement sheet. If you do want to get fit on both bikes, we offer a discounted rate. Each additional bike needs to be scheduled as a separate appointment for $200.

Who performs your bike fits?

We have several excellent staff members who perform bike fits at Prater Chiropractic. Below is a list, and a brief outline of their experiences.

Dr. Prater

Matt Berner

Mark Olson

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